Sneak Peek! The Alpha's Affair

Today I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of Brent's story. I'm still ironing out the release date, but it will be next month...*insert prayer hands*. I added an author note to this story because it's going to be different than my other books. I debated long and hard about it. I've had a really hard time fully immersing myself into writing, or reading for that matter, two of my favorite past times. In the 'traditional' story beats of a romance novel, there is always that 'dark moment' for the two MCs. With everything I had going on, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted an easy read. Something, squishy and fun and very low angst. It won't be everyone's speed, but it was the type of story I needed to do with all the stress going on in our daily lives. So, I'm very happy with these two, and I hope you guys enjoy their journey together. That being said, here is a sneak peek into their story! 

After three weeks away from home, Brent didn’t know how he felt to be back. On one hand, he was happy to sleep in his own bed, but on the other hand, everything he’d run from was waiting on him when he got back. Time was running out for him, and that business trip had been his last stalling tactic. For three weeks he’d avoided his father’s prodding and his mother’s loving meddling. As the oldest male, it was Brent’s turn to take on the mantle of Alpha for his family’s bear clan.

It wasn’t as though he’d not known and prepared for the change his whole life. And if asked, he couldn’t quite say what was bothering him about taking his place. Actually that was wrong, he knew what was bothering him. Bears were old-fashioned. He couldn’t take the alpha position without a mate. And he wasn’t fond of being rushed into a relationship for the sake of taking the place that was rightfully his.  He didn’t like his actions being dictated by someone else’s schedule. But, his father was ready to step down and only what Catherine called Brent’s ‘ridiculous stubbornness’ was keeping Julian from retiring.   

He’d taken every out of town client he could to avoid his mother’s match-making, but she was getting impatient. His bear more so. He sighed in resignation, knowing Catherine would have something up her sleeve now that he was home.

Adjusting his tie, he moved through the lobby of the building that housed his family’s law firm. Christmas decorations twinkled from the high ceilings, both greenery and lights crisscrossed around the whole lobby. It was barely November. He smiled at the silliness of it all. He loved this time of year, though. It was the only time his animal relaxed. With the alpha position on the horizon, his bear was more aggressive than normal, pushing for him to take his place. It being winter was the only thing keeping him sane at the moment. His brother, Gabe, waved him down as he entered the second set of glass doors where his firm was separated from the other businesses in the building.

“Hey, when did you get back?”

He shuffled his briefcase and dapped his brother’s hand, pulling him into a half hug. Gabe grunted at the contact, and Brent hid his smile. His twin wasn’t much for public displays of emotion.

“Just last night. Where you headed?”

Gabe smiled. “Doctor’s appointment for Nay.”

Brent smiled, happy for his brother and his sister in law. She was in the sixth month of her pregnancy and they were all excited. He opened his mouth to ask about Naomi when a scent reached him. His mouth closed with a snap, and his bear rose to attention. A warm tide moved through his body, flushing his skin. He furrowed his brows, loosened the tie at his neck and inhaled deeply. His eyes followed the path of the scent to the reception desk. He cocked his head to look and was floored. His bear bucked and a hungry rumble left his mouth.

Fuck, she was gorgeous.

He could only see her from the shoulder up. Dark skin, long braids, big hoop earrings and long fingernails. She was talking to the security guard seated next to her. Her voice drifted to him sultry, and country as hell. Her nails were sparkling, the jewels on them shining as she moved her hands around excitedly as she spoke. The phone rang and she lifted her index finger to the guard, and he smiled at the gaudy fingernail. She answered the phone and he pursed his lips, impressed. The code switch was immaculate. Her country accent smoothed out into a sultry, lilting cadence of what passed as ‘proper’ as she spoke.

Lord have mercy.

He took a step towards her, not entirely of his own volition. Gabe gave him a strange look.

“Yo, you listening?”

“Sorry, who is that?”

Gabe followed his gaze. “Oh, Mercedes. She’s the new office manager.”

“What is she doing on reception?”

“Hell if I know. She runs this whole place, though, so there’s probably a good reason.”

Brent said her name softly, running the taste around in his mouth. His bear most definitely wanted a taste.

“The Trips will murder you in your sleep,” Gabe warned.

He blinked, breaking the spell she had over him and gave his brother his attention. “What?”

“The Trips, especially Trina will tear a strip off your hide. They like her.” Gabe said it as though that explained everything.

Brent’s curiosity skyrocketed. His sisters barely liked anyone.

“They hired her out of a grocery store.” Gabe explained.


“Yeah, Tiana told Nay that she was a manager at the grocery store down the street. The Trips and mom were there and saw her at customer service. She helped them and then Trina hired her on the spot.”

His eyebrows winged high. “What?”

“The fuck is wrong with you?” Gabe frowned.


“Say ‘what’ one more damn time and this conversation is over,” Gabe growled.

“The Trips like her?” He studied her, wondering what it was about her that his sisters liked enough to hire her on the spot.

Office manager. Did they make up the position? He didn’t remember anyone having that position prior to him leaving. Not that he interfered with the way his sisters ran their family’s firm. And he’d jumped on every opportunity to leave the office in the past couple of months, so who knew what other changes his sisters had made.

“Wait, you said mom was with them?”

Damn it. If his mother was involved, it could be a set up. He eyes roved her face, taking in her large, heavily lashed eyes, and thick pouty lips. He couldn’t work up any alarm over the fact that Catherine was probably up to something.

“Yeah, they were all together. I was told explicitly not to run her off.” Gabe rolled his eyes.

“How long has she been here?”

Gabe shrugged. “How long have you been gone?”

“A few weeks.”

“Bout that, then,” Gabe answered. Looking at his watch. “Look, I need to go.”

“Yeah,” he said absently, his attention entirely on Mercedes.

He approached the desk on feet that weren’t taking any input from him.

Gabe grabbed the back of his suit jacket. “I’m telling you, Brent, leave this one alone.”

“She’s mine,” Brent growled at his brother.

“Damn, not even home a whole day and mama got you.” Gabe snickered.

“That’s not…”


His brother was right, but his bear didn’t care. But then, the damned animal was ready to take over as alpha, it was the man holding them back. It didn’t matter, he had to have her.

Gabe sighed. “I’ll leave that between you and Trina.”

Gabe left and Brent finished his jaunt over to the desk. She smiled up at him and his mouth dried.

“Hi, you must be the other half of the twins.” Her smile was beautiful, her face lighting.

 She gave him her phone voice. He wanted that relaxed, country tone she’d been using with the security guard. He swallowed and tried to speak. He took a deep inhale and he and his bear both realized something at the same time. Her scent was laced with wood fire and herbs.

She was human…a witch.

He frowned, that changed things. He stepped closer to the desk, brushing aside the possible problems her not being a shifter could pose for him. His bear didn’t give a damn, and currently the man in him was struck dumb by her presence.  

He thought briefly of Gabe’s warning, but his bear overrode it. What his sisters didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. The silence was turning awkward and she cocked her head to the side.

“So, grumpy like Gabe, then?” She gave him a rueful smile. “Can I help you with anything?”  It was asked in that professional voice.

His chest rumbled in irritation. He wanted her normal speaking voice.

“No.” He rumbled, his bear rising.

She reared back in surprise, the security guard tensing next to her.

“I’m sorry.” He wiped a hand down his face. “Shit, I mean, sorry for the language. I’m not grumpy like my brother. I mean…” he paused and she laughed, the sound flowing over him and pushing out all good sense.

He closed his eyes. He’d never had a problem talking with a woman. Why then was he stumbling like a jackass in front of Mercedes?

She held up on a hand, the jewels on her nails sparkling. “It’s not a problem.”

“You’re gorgeous,” he spit out, flustered. “Shit, I mean shoot, I shouldn’t have said that here. Workplace harassment.”

Her eyes were dancing with merriment and he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him.

The security guard next to her coughed to cover his laugh. “Never thought I’d see the day Hamilton,” the older man said.

Brent scratched the back of his head, unsure how to proceed with his foot stuck in his mouth.

“I’m Mercedes and you’re Brent.” She held out her hand. He gripped it and electricity traveled the length of his arm. Her eyes widened and she gasped. “Well then,” she whispered.


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