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Sneak Peek! The Alpha's Affair

Today I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of Brent's story. I'm still ironing out the release date, but it will be next month...*insert prayer hands*. I added an author note to this story because it's going to be different than my other books. I debated long and hard about it. I've had a really hard time fully immersing myself into writing, or reading for that matter, two of my favorite past times. In the 'traditional' story beats of a romance novel, there is always that 'dark moment' for the two MCs. With everything I had going on, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted an easy read. Something, squishy and fun and very low angst. It won't be everyone's speed, but it was the type of story I needed to do with all the stress going on in our daily lives. So, I'm very happy with these two, and I hope you guys enjoy their journey together. That being said, here is a sneak peek into their story!  After three weeks away from home, Br

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