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It's a cover reveal!

  The year is coming to a close, and we're ending with the Knight Brothers. For book 4, we're going to finally get a mate for Julian and I'm so excited! Keep scrolling for a cover reveal as well as a sneak peek of chapter 1! The release date for Julian's book will be Dec 18th. It's available for preorder now!  As a heads up, I will be spinning this series off into a new one, so you'll see the beginnings of that storyline as you read Julian's book. So, while the new series won't be technically the Knight Brothers, it will still take place in Eastfied and will go more in-depth about the Motsi. That's coming next year, so prepare for that! Sneak Peek of Chapter 1: Tough. Deena Hines had had to be tough her whole life, along with resilient and fearless. None of those things were helping her at the moment. With shaking hands, her eyes traced the words typed on the fan letter she was reading. Fan mail wasn’t odd or even new, especially since her and Celine

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