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  Hey guys, I'm back with another photo writing prompt. I know I usually do them on Wednesday, but sometimes as I'm scrolling along Pexels, a picture triggers a scene for me. The picture for this week totally jumped out at me. It took me a couple of paragraphs to understand where I was going with it, but I got the hang of it and the story started spinning for me. Here is the image: So, as I started to write out the scene, the whole story started to unfold. And that's when the excitement started. I had this idea for these black fairies, but I couldn't quite figure out how to introduce them to the world. Or even what kind of world to put them in. I like fantasy, and I really love the fantastical, but I do admit to loving a little bit of realism in my magic. I want to add just enough of the real world in this one, that it seems almost possible. I got so excited about the story that I made a mood board. Please peep below!! I am adding this to my 'to write' pile and

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