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HellBound is coming soon!

Hi guys! Hellbound is in the final stages of editing and I'm so excited for it to be released. I named it Hellbound, and honestly with the way this current year is going, is it any surprise that hell has been on my mind? This year has been a giant hellscape and I'm grateful to be able to escape into writing. 
It's the final book in the original Haven series and we'll find get a chance to see Xavier's love story unfold. Though it's the final book of this series, it won't be the last book set in this world. I have a couple of novellas I have tentatively sketched out for next year, and i'll keep you posted once those firm up. 

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you've already seen the cover and blurb for this book, today, I'm giving you a sneak peek of the first chapter. I'm going to put the first two books on sale closer to the release date so those who haven't read it can get all caught up. I'll also post the preorder link once it's…

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